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15 years of tuberific fabulousity

yup, we created a lot of music...

1996 - 2010: 15 Years of Chemystry Set

Welcome to the Set

Founded on an auspicious evening in November of 1996, the idea was to create a platform that would allow musicians of all different backgrounds and characters to add their own individual blend of skills and energy to the overall mix.

Rather than finding any particular style to play, it seemed to make a lot more sense to let everyone’s quirky personality unfold and see where it would take us. This way, the Chemystry Set could just stay the Chemystry Set while everyone was constantly evolving and experimenting with all the diverse elements inherent in it.

Ultimately, it was the love for music and exploring the unknown together with fellow kindred spirits that brought us together and lent our eclectic orchestra its backbone and character.

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The Players

From 8-piece world ensemble to classic rock quartet and everything in between, The Set has done it all. Here's the complete cast...

Baba Ndjhoni

mandolinist, bassist, singer, songwriter, beekeeper
The last by name, raised as pharaoh apparent, rejected the legacy; see, it’s errant.  Finally done fleeing my royal birth cuz every heart’s a beet pumping blood red earth.

Sven Eberlein

guitarist, songwriter, wordsmith, stargazer, world changer
All hail to the second son, Ludwig von. Crusading knight? Nope, he’s the dawn. A scribe of higher glyphic range, a delta male, he’s all for change.

Patty Hughes

wurlitzer piano, farfisa organ, singer, rush lover
On the other throne sits Neferttytty. Tell her she won’t, and she will completely. Sh’thawed her bod in a warmer clime, bevies of bevvies to go with a twist of lime.

Dickie Ogden

drummer, producer, genius, syrup maker
Back in the day when I was King Tut, too much gumbo, too much gut. Ideas burning to the port and stern. If it moves the music, it’s worth a learn.

Joel Oppenheimer

electric & upright bassist, smooth talker, treehugger
Some are the tethered, our bass is a pole, from a Princetown rumble he’s on a roll. Invert the pyramid each day, carve relief into the urban decay.

Avi Rose

percussionist, vibraphonist, handsonic specialist, toy user

Krystle Jones

singer, deep groover, stevie lover

Greg Carney

electric guitarist, steel guitarist, vulcan

Brian Fishler

drummer, jazzman, prodigy

Ginger Thimlar

singer, lover, entertainer

Dave Jacobson

keyboardist, pianist, jazzer, engineer

Mark Sand

drummer, swimmer, punk rocker
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The Wall of Fame

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