Remaining a family just takes some time!

Sven Eberlein - guitarist, songwriter, wordsmith, stargazer

From the early punk rock days in the underground bomb shelters of Germany the kid knew that life this time around couldn’t possibly turn out conventional – too many Y’s in the equation to live within the suggested parameter.

One way ticket to America, gateway to new horizons, empire of innovation and exploitation – immerse yourself entirely into another culture, to see and experience the world through someone else’s eyes. Find the key to compassion and open the kid’s mind.

On to India, land of acceptance and clarity. Step outside the maze of concrete and obligation, deconstruct the scaffold that is cluttered around the soul and become the cosmic messenger who’s been waiting to be released – be here now, loving and kind, trust yourself and you will be trusted.

Transcending to the nation of music, the kid had now gathered enough information to accept the Y’s as essential ingredients to a successful journey – the answer lies in the question. No matter what, music will always be there as the most powerful force of expansion, a state in times of separation and a connection in times of confusion.
When the kid woke up he realized he had been on a musical journey to the other end of the world. From the rages of punk to the riches of jazz to the roots of Malagasy folk, his songs and his spirit had found a home with the birth of Chemystry Set. No longer did he have to escape the parameter, but he could now walk on the diameter.

Sven mixes music, politics, spirituality and activism into an ongoing quest for a life path that makes sense and a difference.

– Kirstin Miller, Psychic Reader

Read Sven’s musings at his blog, A World of Words.

Baba Ndjhoni - Mandolins, Bass, Vocals, Songwriter

Hewn from a lineage of American excellence, Baba Ndjhoni is born John White in the cultural constraint of the East Bay ‘burbs. He is a creative amoeba waiting to happen. The lifelong pursuit of upward mobility is the compelling destiny of his generation, but John is not one to run that race.

His thirst is for the rhythm of the world, and he is not in a hurry. He embarks on a life-changing journey to Zaire, where sweet music brings joy and peace, even in times of great pain.

It is in Zaire that John White becomes the Baba Ndjhoni of now.

Full of soulful energy, Baba returns home, assaulted by the painful cacophony of America. Is it possible to find his beloved rhythm here? Baba does not flee, but chooses to build a legacy of family and music that is all his own. His goal is not virtuosity or fame, but a true balance of all that brings him joy.

Depend upon his open mind, embrace his simplicity, understand his angst, and sing his song… Welcome – you have found the community of Baba Ndjhoni.

Baba drives a biodiesel wagon & is an active member of the Berkeley Biodiesel Collective.

Patty Hughes - wurlitzer Piano, farfisa organ, singer, rush lover

Joel Oppenheimer - electric & upright bassist, smooth talker, treehugger

Got some ducttape for your shoe
A stick of Wrigley’s for you to chew
Got some air to fill the wings of a dove
Got some peace in the house of love
Got an album of smooth Jazz tunes
that takes you higher than big balloons
Got an anchor you can throw in the sea
The ease to yank it when you want to be free

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Dickie Ogden - drummer, producer, genius, syrup maker

Dickie was born on June 18, 1970 at 7:10pm at South Western Vermont Medical Center in Bennington, Vt. At that time it was just called Bennington Hospital. Scrawney little rascal but such a good baby. The first time his Grandmother ever changed his diaper he pooped in her hand. Now if that isn’t bonding I don’t know what is.

– Pam Ogden

The Chemystry Set Wall of Fame

 Amstock Crew – Producer, Nature, Inspiration   Anja Krombholz – Artist, Designer   Avidan Rose – Percussions, Vibraphone, Handsonic Drum   Ben Harris – Trumpet   Bob Athayde – Piano   Brett Galimidi – Photographer, Fan   Brian Fishler – Drums   Carolyn White – Love & Support   Carson Ogden – Drummer   Dan Heffez – Alto Sax   Dave Jacobson – Keyboards   Debra Baida – Photographer 

 Evelyn Terranova – Painter   Ginger Thimlar – Vocals   Greg Carney – Guitars   Jason Hansen – Drums   Jefferson White – Piano & Bathtub   Joe Balestreri – Trumpet   Kat Coldren – Inspiration, Fan   Krystle Jones – Vocals   Lisa Stadlen – Flute   Maggie White – Communications   Mark Sand – Drums   Matt Ritchie – Artist   Mica Tellez – Answering Machine   Nathaniel Hawkes – Horn Arrangements   Nicole Polisner – Flute 
the whole gang2swingin' at Amstock

 Oliver DiCicco – Engineer, Grumpy Genius   Paul Hanson – Bassoon   Randy Lyman – Everything & Nothing   Rich Doucette – Esraj   Sarah Olson – Manager   Scott Coldren – Feedback, Fan   Scott Johnston – Soprano Sax   Soji Odukogbe – Guitar   Steven Forrest – Astro Talk   The Tominator – Road Manager, Pretzel Supplier   Tony Idarola (RIP) – Multimedia & Binaural Audio   Wendy Rogell – Artist, Designer, Fan