by Sven Eberlein
based on a short story by Hermann Hesse

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A Person named Bodell

Caitlin Stevens – Vocals
Joel Oppenheimer – Bass
Dickie Ogden – Drums
Sven Eberlein – Guitars, Vocals

Recorded by Dickie Ogden

A Person named Bodell

There once was a young man named Bodell
with a face and a mind just like yours and mine
not driven by the forces to rebel
but by fear to break the rules and cross the guiding lines
Bodell came to town in awe and stride
like a man who never settles for the second price
he believed in the word of science with much pride
cause he knew it made sense and he’d often seen it saving lives
He went to the museum as a try
to be a part of town and take a look around
in the backroom strange collections met his eye
like wizards’ tools and witches’ brews from medieval times
A sign that said:”Don’t touch!” just passed him by
as he grabbed a pill that was sitting there on an ancient shrine
a noise occurred behind him, he felt guilt
so he popped the pill sort of against his will to not fall out of line

As he walks out he’s got an urge for life
but he’s feeling kind of strange,
so he walks to the zoo to see what they do

And the ape in the cage who is smiling like a sage
and he turns to Bodell with a grin:
“Hello, odd fellow, I’m here to tell you I’m not like you,
I’ll never be like you, I never even had the dream!”
And the elk start talking and the goats keep mocking
and the tigers soon join in.
“My god, what is happening?”
And the wolf in the corner says:
“Ey, I wanna warn ya,
I know your every fear,
In the dark of the night,
that’s when you hide.
But I am free and you don’t see,
that’s why you keep me here!”
So Bodell has a vision and he goes on a mission,
the pill just steered him clear:
“What are we doing here?”
As the bears applaud he rips his shirt apart,
then his pants and his socks and his shoes.
With his bottom bare facing the public stare:
“There is room for you and me, all we need is be!”
So annoyed by the racket the men in white jackets
repair what’s not condoned:
“We’ve come to take you home!”