Cobblestone Below My Feet

Title: Cobblestone Below My Feet
UPC#: 795201100429
TC-05, 2006. File under “Music”
Ogden Park in collaboration with Tuber Creations

Produced by Dickie Ogden and the Set, Chemystry Set’s fifth CD, Cobblestone Below My Feet, ferments three years of travel, storytelling, friendships, and recording magic into a rich and highly intoxicating elixir. On their fifth release, the band that has made a name for itself over the last ten years with boundary-defying music and message-driven songs is coming of age in this beautifully dynamic tapestry of tightly-arranged and rockin’ compositions. Written during and after their 2003 European tour, Cobblestone Below My Feet is an invitation across language, culture, and consciousness. Like a carriage ride through history, hitting the cobblestone with an amalgam of sounds and an ever-fresh poetic luminescence, this album takes the listener into another time zone, all along establishing connections not only to the present, but the future of humanity. Includes beautiful black and white cobblestone photography by Debra Baida. Lyrics available at

The Band
Dickie Ogden – Drums
Joel Oppenheimer – Bass
Baba Ndjhoni – Mandolin, Vocals
Patty Hughes – Wurli Piano, Vocals
Sven Eberlein – Guitars, Vocals

Special Guests
Joe Balestreri – Trumpet
Dan Heffez – Alto Sax
Nathaniel Hawkes & Baba Ndjhoni – Horn Arrangements