Life in the Underground

Artist: Chemystry Set
Title: Life in the Underground
TC01, 1998, File under “Music”
Tuber Creations

A groundbreaking debut by the eclectic rock ensemble. 13 tracks weave their way through deep realms of consciousness, telling stories of rebellion, conspiracy, roots and hope. Guest appearances by bassoonist Paul Hanson (Windham Hill), percussionist Avidan Rose (Mobius Operandi, Myron Dove) and Soji Odukogbe (Kotoja, West African Highlife Band). Binaural audio clips from the hands and ears of multimedia guru Tony Idarola. Original ball point pen cover by Matt Ritchie.

The Band
Sven Eberlein – Guitars, Vocals
Mark Sand – Drums
Joel Oppenheimer – Bass
Baba Ndjhoni – Mandolins, Vocals
Dave Jacobsen – Keyboard
Greg Carney – Guitar

Special Guests
Avi Rose – Percussion
Paul Hanson – Bassoon
Soji Odukogbe – Guitar
Ginger Thimlar – Vocals
Lisa Stadlen – Flute

Lyrics, lines notes, and artwork at Bandcamp.