The Last Real Experience

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Artist: Chemystry Set
Title: The Last Real Experience
UPC#: 65905798192
TC-03, 2003, File under “Music”
Tuber Creations/Ogden Park

Birthed by the ever-present spontaneous combustions of all that is Chemystry, and produced under the auspices of Dickie Ogden (Dr. Dickie), this third incarnation in the underground trilogy is probably the most refined and momentous creation in the Set’s storied journey. Leaving more room for each song to breathe, the Set’s ever evolving musicianship shines through the brilliant dynamics, giving more meaning to the album’s daring arrangements and twists. And should you wonder about the implications of the album title, turn your attention to that most treasured and ancient wisdom, found between all lines and within yourself: The end is the beginning, be here now!

The Band
Sven Eberlein – Electric Guitar, Vocals
Dickie Ogden – Drum Kit, Vocals
Patty Hughes – Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Vocals
Joel Oppenheimer – Bass
Baba Ndjhoni – Electric Mandolin, Vocals


photo by debra baida

Special Guests
Rich Doucette – Esraj
JB White – Piano & Bathtub
Mica Tellez – Answering Machine

Lyrics, lines notes, and artwork at Bandcamp.