The Space Between

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Artist: Chemystry Set
Title: The Space Between
UPC#: 71428808292
TC-02, 2001, File under “Music”
Tuber Creations

The follow-up to Life in the Underground, The Space Between celebrates the growing of seeds and the evolution of life with an uplifting soul journey through themes of community, activism and transformation. An edgy jazzy world groove provides the musical canvas to effusive storytelling, creating a rich texture of multi-stylistic peregrinations. Featuring soul singer Krystle Jones (SF Funk Allstars). Recorded on 2 inch reel-to-reel by avant-garde maverick Oliver DiCicco. Acrylic on canvas cover by Matt Ritchie.

The Band
Brian Fishler – Drums
Avidan Rose – Percussions, Vibraphone
Joel Oppenheimer – Bass
Sven Eberlein – Guitars, Vocals
Baba Ndjhoni – Mandolins, Vocals
Krystle Jones – Vocals
Greg Carney – Guitar

From the Spaces between
Ben Harris – Trumpet
Nicole Polisner – Flute
Bob Athayde – Piano
Scott Johnston – Soprano Sax
Dave Jacobson – Wurlitzer Piano

Lyrics, liner notes, and artwork at Bandcamp.