Baba Ndjhoni

mandolinist, bassist, singer, songwriter, beekeeper

Hewn from a lineage of American excellence, Baba Ndjhoni is born John White in the cultural constraint of the East Bay ‘burbs. He is a creative amoeba waiting to happen. The lifelong pursuit of upward mobility is the compelling destiny of his generation, but John is not one to run that race.

His thirst is for the rhythm of the world, and he is not in a hurry. He embarks on a life-changing journey to Zaire, where sweet music brings joy and peace, even in times of great pain.

It is in Zaire that John White becomes the Baba Ndjhoni of now.

Full of soulful energy, Baba returns home, assaulted by the painful cacophony of America. Is it possible to find his beloved rhythm here? Baba does not flee, but chooses to build a legacy of family and music that is all his own. His goal is not virtuosity or fame, but a true balance of all that brings him joy.

Depend upon his open mind, embrace his simplicity, understand his angst, and sing his song… Welcome – you have found the community of Baba Ndjhoni.

Baba drives a biodiesel wagon & is an active member of the Berkeley Biodiesel Collective.