Song for Joel & Aidan – by Chemystry Set

did you ever write up a song
just a silly little tune you can play along
let the words come out of your soul, maybe let them roll
let the sound carry you through the thoughts unknown
rhythm’s what you’ve got to have to start to build a home
then add a simple melody, we’d like to take you on
on a swing through skins and strings in the key of no delay
where the kids have come to find the muse
on joel and aidan way

did you ever climb up a tree
and you look out into the field, what do you see
watch the world go by and by, watch with your third eye
and you see you are the burning love that feeds all roots
bubblin’ water heated by the ever-lasting light
pouring out to fill the cracks, a subtle kind of might
you choose, you soak, you skip, you float, each step it’s like you pray
pool together all that’s good
down joel and aidan way

did you ever reach for the stars
beam yourself to venus, the moon and to mars
linger on in space, make the earth your bouncing ball
slide the rays of light from lovers’ hearts
neptune, jupiter, saturn and mercury
they all just spin around ‘n round, expressing quietly
what the feeling is to be at ease to live and love each day
when you cycle through the universe
up joel and aidan way

did you ever ask another to share this life
to hold and hear each other through struggle and through strife
can you laugh together at the sun in the sky
if it’s lifting you off your feet then you have arrived
stories filter, good from bad, not found in any book
reaching out a shaking hand, turning on a look
if each cares for the other, then cares can fall away
in and out the other side
through joel and aidan way