Baba Ndjhoni’s State of the Union

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towers rise on subjugation
our juices spread to every nation
now, on our shores: all the wars that we have fought
taste the concentrate of all the hate that we have wrought

judges annoint he who should appoint, just as this empire is cresting. whether pretender or belligerant, ignorant of the fate he’s manifesting.

hear calls for vigilanteism terror for
terror for terror for terrorism
in a land of misery and paucity
we appease our grief with more atrocity

our future’s gone a whole lot more obscureder,
because in our name they commit another murder.

no more Pax Americana– neither here nor over there will be the same.
our paradise is lost, our innocents: the cost, our superpowerplays must share some blame.
no more Pax Americana– the question now is, ‘what angle of decline?’
the beacon of the dream we had of justice, will it dim or did it ever shine?

oooh pessimism of the mind.
aaahhhptimism of what will i claim as mine
got dispair? well, action as an antidote
humble example as the best reproach

still this history will ever be repeated.
but the will of the collective ever reseeded.

awe sing in disolution
oooh rant in revolution
ahhhh, comfort with whoever thinks like me
but find growth with those who disagree

no easy answers with so many questions that are wrong.
no mortal weapon just the impact of a song.

REPEAT CHORUS: no more Pax Americana…