The Astro Ball

On November 13, 2009, Chemystry Set performed Dancing on the Brink of the World at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. Accompanied by a multimedia presentation of Evelyn Terranova’s paintings and evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest’s audio interludes, this movie introduced the project to the audience.


Walk & A Public Service Video

Set to the song Walk, this multimedia music video takes a look at how the diminished role of walking in industrialized societies stands in direct cause and effect relationship to our oil addiction and associated issues like global warming, peak oil, pollution, and public health. Walking is a literal pathway into our community and the Read more about Walk & A Public Service Video[…]

Trailer for Dancing on the Brink of the World

This is the trailer for the book w/CD Dancing on the Brink of the World, a glorious blending of art, fiction, astrology, and music for each of the twelve zodiac signs, including short stories by Sven Eberlein, star gate paintings by Evelyn Terranova, cosmic evolutionary astrology by Steven Forrest, and alchemical songs composed and recorded Read more about Trailer for Dancing on the Brink of the World[…]